The Bikes

two of ’em.

2009 KTM 690 Enduro and 2010 KTM 690 Enduro

Thanks to and Super Plush Suspension we have a ton of great parts to put on the bikes. Here’s a brief list of the important bits.

KTM Twins billet gas cap with Twin Air gas filter
Rally Raid Evo1 Tank Kit (lots of extra fuel)
Rally Raid headlight and fairing kit for the 2009 with KTM Twins custom dash with USB port
Britannia Composites headlight, adjustable windscreen and dash for the 2010
Scott’s Dampers
Enduristan Monsoon Soft Panniers
Enduristan Typhoon Duffel Bags
Giant Loop Diablo Pro Tank Bag for 2010
Giant Loop Fandango Pro Tank Bag for the 2009 cause Chris needs a bigger purse
Rally Raid Injector Hex Screw (I don’t know what this does, I need to ask Chris)
Rally Raid Rear Suspension Linkage Pin (apparently the stock one is weak)
ZipTy Racing Front Axle Pull (makes changing wheels easy)
Hammerhead Shift Lever (is sturdier and looks way bling bling)
KTM Rally Replica Extended Footpeg Set
Rally Raid Countershaft Protection (so the chain don’t crack the case)
CA Cycle Works fuel pump
Scotts Stainless Steel oil filters (environmentally friendly, reusable, and we don’t have to carry spares)
Motion Pro Quick Turn Throttle kit (cause they’re more fun)
Highway Dirt Bikes hand guards and mirrors
Delorme inReach Satellite Tracker Thing (so you can follow us on the blog, and so a helicopter can find us in the jungle)
Garmin Montana 600 GPS
One Renazco and one KTM Twins custom seat with memory foam molded to my bum

Oh yeah, Super Plush Suspension!
We got both the bikes fully suspended at the local and best suspension shop. Revalved, resprung, and some sweet fork caps with built in preload adjusters, plus a tiny bit of a lower in there: the 690s are tall! Chris got his lowered 25mm from the stock travel length of 275mm of travel. I luckily got to experiment with the 2008 we briefly owned until it got hit by a car with me on it. We initially went 30mm lower from the stock travel, which is 2008 was 250mm (total lowered travel of 220mm). This ended up being a lot shorter than I anticipated. I took it on the Sheet Iron for a trial run and it bottomed over ever jump, whoop, hole and dip. So now that I have a 2010, which also has the 275mm stock travel, I’m going to lower it 40mm to bring it to a total of 235mm of travel. Hopefully this will be the magic number yielding ability to touch the ground and enough travel to go anywhere and everywhere.



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