The lost pictures of Oaxaca

Hooray! I found hiding in my cloud some pictures I thought were lost because I put them on the computer and the computer died. So here they are:

I saw this bird (didn’t take this picture, obvi) and he was cute and very bright!
This is the 500 year old cactus in the Etnobotanico Garden.

This is from the Petrified Waterfall. First, a shot from the top, and second a shot from where we thought we were going the right way but probably weren’t. 

This is at the second archaeological site we went to in the town of Mitla. Unlike Mount Alban, this place was not two thousand years old, but like 500 years old, so it was kind of less impressive. But these stairs were really steep.  

And here are some giant bloody agave piñas and the stone wheel they use to grind it up after it’s been smoked. The wheel is pulled around by a donkey.

This was the rooftop pool of a place where we didn’t stay but just had a drink. I had a cocktail, my first in a long time, and it was a great idea but was poorly executed. So someone try this:

Oaxacan chocolate, (it was just the straight chocolate so it’s not sweet but has great chocolate flavor; maybe make it sweet and that’s your sweetener), fresh ginger, lime (maybe?) and mezcal. The mistake the dude made was making the chocolate powder into a water/ chocolate mixture and the whole thing just ended up watery. And the ginger was still in chunks and sank to the bottom quickly. So don’t make those mistakes and it should be good.

And this is another shot of the crazy party we watched from the roof of our hotel.  

See the blond dude on the left? And the devil’s pitchfork?

I hope you have a better idea of how great Oaxaca is now!


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