The end of the beginning.

Our last days in the US were spent among many friends in LA and San Diego. After leaving the tranquility of Zion we were smacked in the face by Interstate 15, Las Vegas traffic, and tractor trailers passing us going at least 80mph. It was a bit stressful. We stopped in a weird little town in the mountains, east of LA, as it started to get dark. We were hoping to stay in the National Forest, but, as seems to happen frequently, we got there too late and had to go for a last minute crappy hotel. 

The next morning we were treated to a lovely brunch by my old friends Daeleigh and Smi. Then we headed across LA to Topanga where we posted up for a few days with Gabriel, Melanie, Paloma and a thousand doggies. I cold only get a few in each photo.   They live practically in the state park, which was beautiful. We hiked with the doggies, I pretended to go rock climbing, and like often happens in Gabriel’s presence, Chris got wasted and made drunk choices. 

He walked into the house around midnight and said, “I’m about to do something stupid.” He walked out and didn’t walk back in the house until seven in the morning, when he told me he lost his glasses and was going to find them, and he walked back out again. It turns out they went hiking in the park at midnight, Gabriel and the others lost Chris, and presumably Chris took off his glasses and went to sleep somewhere. Judging by the shape his legs were in he did some serious offroading.  Unfortunately, we were not able to locate his glasses on any of our attempts to recreate his route through the park. It was a slim hope, but we tried. Thankfully, he has a spare pair and there’s a place in San Diego that can make him a new pair in one day. No more drunken midnight hikes!

We spent the last couple days with Rachael T and her lovely girlfriend, Sarah, and only a bit of time with their terrorist dog Allan. Hopefully next time we see him he is a little more well adjusted. Otherwise I am definitely going to sit on his face until he realizes he’s at the bottom of the chain of command. Unfortunately I do not have a pic to show you how cute he is, as that is what makes up for his terrorist nature. Rachael, supply one! 

We moved on down the road to San Diego and stayed in the Richardson’s new estate. It was super convenient for changing our tires.  

 While Chris changed tires my job was to change oil. Some people say practice makes perfect, but I’ve been practicing being a motorcycle mechanic for going on thirteen years now and I’m still terrible at it. I’m just plain bad, and I accept this. I still try, but even the easiest jobs are difficult for me and I often make mistakes. Like stripping a bolt on my oil filter cap. Luckily, professional bicycle racer and former Cambridgetown fox, Josh Alverson had an extra set of almost everything we needed to fix my hole (that’s what she said). So we took all his tools and bought a drill at Home Depot and Chris fixed shit up, like he does. Concurrently, I changed his oil and didn’t make any mistakes. So well done all around. 

Then Johnny and Katherine took us to Ballast Point which was awesome!!!

They have a beer called Boob. It supports boobs or something but I just ordered it cause I wanted to say boob to our waitress. We also got dollar oysters at Ironside and a whole fish.   

On our way out of town we dropped off our old tires at San Diego Harley Davidson which was totally awesome. They have a tattoo shop and a cafe inside a motorcycle dealership with thousands of bikes on top of all the other stuff. I want to get a tattoo in a motorcycle shop on principle. Maybe on the way back.

  Well, we made it through the U.S. alive, now it’s time to do the same through Mexico and beyond. Stay tuned for the actual start of the trip! 

And to keep folks engaged, I’d like to add a poll: should I keep up three-beer-blogging? Or tone it down to one-beer-blogging? 

Thanks for reading!!!


3 thoughts on “The end of the beginning.

  1. Definitely look forward to each chapter… Didn’t realize beer was a factor. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love you wit and humor.

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