Dawson 2.0

We left Whitehorse in a rain storm that didn’t stop until we did, 100km later. The road went back and forth between dirt, gravel, mud and pavement. It would have been fun if I wasn’t so wet and cold. It turns out my jacket is less waterproof than it claims to be.

heading into the storm

We stopped at Braeburn Lodge where we had giant homemade bread. It was amazing.  The proprietor, a large older man named Steve, was very flirty.

Toast at Braeburn lodge

After lunch the rest of the day to Dawson was not as bad. It rained a bit more, but then stopped enough for us to dry off before we got to town. Dawson is a cute little gold rush town that looks like it must have 100 years ago, or at least it looks like what tourists imagine it must have looked like. We spent the night, ate some salmon, drank some mediocre Yukon brewed beer, and slept in a mediocre hotel because I wanted a shower.

In our guide to the Dempster Highway, which we will be taking tomorrow, they have some tips to not get eaten.

Bear Tips

I especially like the tip to climb a tree, unless there’s a black bear mad at you. Then you’re shit of out luck.


2 thoughts on “Dawson 2.0

  1. Hi guys- I met you at Braeburn lodge, I was the wet guy on the Tiger. I took your advice and did the Dempster the same day you did, but I guess we missed each other on that road. Thanks for the advise on the Dempster, I had a blast! Good luck in your travels.

    1. Hey Robert! Crazy we missed each other on the Dempster. Glad you went up and had fun though. Inuvik is weird, eh? We are almost out of Canada and heading into Idaho now. Let us know if you end up anywhere else nearby!

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