Yukon Ho!

We woke up bright and early at Dease Lake and geared up to reach the Alaska Highway, and hopefully Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon. It was a chilly morning. Far chillier than it’s been up to this point. After an hour of riding we stopped in Jade City to see if they had any food. They didn’t. I also put on my amazing Aerostitch heated vest, courtesy of one Rebecca Hinden, and my Gore-tex gloves. It is amazing how much my mood improves when I’m not freezing my bits off. It’s been raining here and there on many days, but today it is cold and rainy. The heated vest is now my most prized possession. I cannot speak highly enough of it. Once I was warm, my rumbling belly was less of an issue. But we did hit more construction which slowed our progress and we didn’t reach the Alaska Highway (and food) until noon, three hours after we left camp. We actually had a pretty good meal at the Nugget City Restaurant at the junction of the Cassiar Highway and the Alaska Highway. The junction of these two highways is also the border from B.C. into the Yukon!

Yukon Ho

Being in the Yukon is very exciting. It feels surprisingly more modern than all the tiny towns we passed through in B.C. I think it’s because we have only been on the Alaska Highway and this road is well traveled.

But the rain has also been following us. At one point we were under a sunny sky and headed towards a very black cloud sitting between some mountains. It was kind of scary. Once the cloud was above us we could see blue sky on the other side of it and I stupidly though to myself, “maybe the rain has passed and we will just come out the other side of this cloud without getting wet.” Instead, of course, it poured on us. And was intermittently rainy all day. So when we arrived in Whitehorse we decided to get a hotel to warm up. The town is surprisingly hopping. We walked into the Westmark hotel and we were told it was sold out, as were almost all the other hotels in town. But not a moment later another employee came up and told us he had just had a cancellation, but it was a suite. Oh darn, we have to stay in a suite. He gave us a great price, and it was delightful, aside from the terrible wifi. So I am writing all this from Starbucks (there are two in this town!), where the internet is great.

Off to Dawson City today, and then the Northwest Territories!


3 thoughts on “Yukon Ho!

    1. Wish I had heated gloves! They would be a dream. Instead, the end of the waterproof liner on my jacket and the start of my gloves have enough of a gap that my arms get soaked 😦

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