The Cassiar Highway

Route 37 from the Yellowwood Highway to the Alaska Highway, known as Cassiar Highway shalt from henceforth be renamed Holy Fucking Bear Highway. Leaving Kitwanga this morning…. Well, let’s be realistic, it was technically this afternoon (see previous post about delightful Rounds End Ventures for reasoning), we hit some terrible construction that made us follow a lead car going 25kph (conversion = approx. -1mph) for ten kilometers over gravel. It took ages. Then it rained a bit and washed the dust off our bikes and then the bears popped out to say hello. In total, we saw four adult bears, two of them with babies, in the space of about 150 kilometers. They were all small black bears so nothing scary, just awesome.

Then the highway climbed up high into the mountains and it got even more beautiful. The clouds seemed so close! And delightful little lakes started appearing on the side of the road. Then the most exciting thing happened. I saw my first moose! And then I made up a song about it in my head. But this song is dependent on whether female meese have no antlers, or whether all adult meese have antlers and only juveniles don’t. And for the record, I wrote horns and then deleted it and wrote antlers. After further investigation into who wears the antlers in the moose family I will contemplate releasing the lyrics to my song, or if you’re lucky, a video so you can fully comprehend the melody which contains dramatic pauses. Maybe it’s a poem. Maybe I’m a poet.

After the moose: boring, boring, boring, beautiful, gas, terrible food, camping by Dease Lake just north of town. The end.

Dease Lake

Oh, I almost forgot! I saw a ptarmigan! I think it was a ptarmigan. It might have been a partridge, but I think it looked much more like a ptarmigan. And I want it to be a ptarmigan because for a very long time I have fantasized about eating a ptarmigan stuffed with its own eggs, as have all of you Clan of the Cave Bear fans. And seeing a ptarmigan is definitely the first step towards eating one. Now I just need to learn how to effectively use a sling to kill a bird. I’d settle for a bow and arrow.


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