Beautiful British Colombia

We stayed in Prince George for a night at a nice campsite with tent spots that were much more secluded than the sardine RVs. It’s just west of the town on Highway 16, the Yellowwood Highway.

Prince George CampWe took the 16 when departing, heading towards the junction with the Cassiar Highway. The landscape was full of rolling hills covered in forests with beautiful blue mountains in the distance. It reminded me of upstate NY. But then we got closer to those distant mountains and they were very unlike NY. Massive peaks soaring into the clouds with tips covered in snow (it’s August!). Chris reckons they’re glaciers, which makes sense and also explains why the river paralleling the road is such a beautiful blue green color. raspberries Side of the road snacking includes wild raspberries.

We stopped in a very small town called Kitwanga to spend the night. We didn’t plan dinner though and had to eat at the only place open in town: the restaurant in the gas station. Very scary. Imagine the shittiest gas station you’ve been to. Now imagine someone opened a restaurant inside it and matched the quality all around. But we met a nice gentleman who is a trucker and suggested we go a slightly different route north than we were planning and we’re taking his advice.

After dinner we passed a campsite but also saw a sign for a Guest House. It was a hand painted sign and quite unclear what was going on, but we drove up the dirt road to investigate. We found another bigger sign for the Rounds End Ventures Guest House and a very nice guy named Tony came out and drove us down the road to the actual Guest House. It was delightful! It’s a hostel set up, but we were the only people there so we had a whole house to ourselves. Two bedrooms sleeping a total of about fifteen people and two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and most of all, an amazing view. It was $40 per person, so a bit steep for a hostel, but it’s run by a couple and they have to make a living, so I get it. And a shower and a bed are totally worth $80.

round end ventures

I popped back down to “town” (the one gas station/restaurant) to get breakfast supplies but all I could manage was a dozen eggs and a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread. They were out of butter and meat and vegetables, and everything else besides eggs and cinnamon raisin bread. On my drive back up to the house I came around a corner and there was a big old black bear in the middle of the road. He turned and looked at me as I came to a stop, then thankfully loped off into the woods. I then sped up quite a bit going by where he had run off, just in case he changed his mind.

The only other wildlife I’ve seen includes a Northern Goshawk, and a couple other interesting little birds here and there. There are a ton of birds around, but they’re mostly boring crows and massive ravens. While I’m writing this sitting out front of the Rounds End Ventures Guest House the lawn is littered with boring robins. I want some exciting birds.

Here’s the view from the house:

view round end ventures

If you’re in Kitwanga, definitely check out the Rounds End Ventures Guest House. It’s on the east side of the Cassiar Highway (#37), a few kilometers north of the junction with Yellowwood Highway (#16) where sits the infamous gas station. Do not eat at the gas station.





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