Canada, eh?

Northern Washington driving up to the border crossing at Sumas was pretty, but as soon as we crossed into Canada it was mind blowingly beautiful. Huge mountains littered with waterfalls and conifers towered around us. I saw a bunch of cute little magpies followed by an eagle! A bald bloody eagle! In Canada no less. Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to be in the U.S. of A? 
We rode a few hundred kilometers up to Cache Creek and found a weird RV park on the side of the road. They had wifi, a pool and a thousand RVs packed in like sardines. But we got a nice patch of grass to sleep on and this morning when packing up camp a little baby black bear ran through our camp. Apparently there’s a pear tree on the other side of the property where he likes to have his breakfast. First bear! 

Should be in Inuvik in four days. Will update with more pics when I have some good ones. Just hooked up the Go Pro so hopefully will have a video clip at some point. 


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