from: Portland to: Seattle

So we didn’t go very far yesterday… but it still took like five hours. Lots of traffic in two silly states where you can’t split lanes! Very boring and hot. But I brushed up on my Learn Spanish podcast. I’m using Notes in Spanish and so far I like it. I’ve listened to the first two podcasts like eight times and I feel like I know what they’re saying now. So I’d recommend it.

Anyway, to recap, we had a fun time in Portland hanging out with my Reed buddy Miles J Crumley, and the former ASS Director of the nuclear reactor on campus, Rachel Barnett. Thanks Rachel for a place to stay, and thanks Miles for meeting up with us everywhere and being so entertaining. My favorite dessert from over ten years ago is still being served at Pix Patisserie, but we went late on Saturday night and they were sold out of it! I almost cried. It’s called the Royale, and you have to get the option to add a French triple cream to it, which comes in a slice on the side next to a dome of dark chocolate mousse with gold leaf sprinkled on top and a crunchy base. It’s amazing and I highly recommend anyone in Portland eats one for me since I cannot. Or, better yet, find a way to ship one to me.

We also saw a friend I haven’t seen in a few years and is dear to my heart, Michael Lenz, father of dearly loved and missed, Peter Lenz. And I got a restock of my 45 stickers, so you might see a few of them in cool places in the future.

45sSo now some bike stuff, boring to some, entertaining to others: we are on the road, through the traffic and my fuel light comes on even though I still have at least 150 miles of gas left. After about 50 miles my bike “runs out of gas” on the side of the freeway. But I can still see gas in my tanks! What is going on? I opened and closed the auxiliary tank connectors and shook it around hoping that it would realize it still had gas. And it did. It started right up again but the fuel light didn’t go out, so I was still a little nervous. About thirty miles later it did it again, and then it started right up again. So we pulled off at an exit and into a gas station. Chris thought maybe there was some air in the line somewhere that wasn’t letting the gas get from front to back. So we filled up the back tank, and it did flow through to the front tanks, and obviously my fuel light went off because now there was gas in the stock tank too. It ran fine all the way to Seattle, taking fuel from the front tanks as well as the back. So maybe it was just an air bubble causing a weird vacuum? And hopefully it just won’t happen again…? Any theories welcome.

Before I get beyond things that happened on the road, I want to mention that when I am not practicing my Spanish inside my helmet, or belting out Disney tunes if I’m sleepy because they’re the only songs I remember all the words to, I am listening to my new favorite podcast from SF local starts Michael and Hampton Catlin, the WHAM Show. Thanks guys for giving me hours of entertainment, and for making our friendship creepily one sided, where I know lots of things about you guys that you don’t know that I know. I also respond to your conversations in my head and now I can’t remember if we have actually had those conversations or if only I have had them.

And lastly, our Seattle arrival! Chris’ amazing cousin April is hosting us for the next few days and she would make Martha Stewart proud. Her apartment is immaculate, and she has provided everything we could possibly need, especially food upon arrival, a very important and often overlooked necessity. Thanks!

We are in Seattle until we get some new tires mounted. We haven’t figured out yet if there’s anyway we can get all four wheels off at once and then pay a shop to mount the tires. I don’t think we are willing to pay them to remove the wheels as well, but Chris doesn’t want to mount all the tires himself (which is the only alternative), because the only in stock Heidenau Scout K60s we can find are the tubeless kind which have a stiffer sidewall, plus we want to use the heavy duty tubes for the rough roads ahead, and all of it sounds like a pain in the butt. So if anyone you know lives in Seattle and has two milk crates, then send them our way.

Thanks for reading, more pictures of tasty food and cocktails coming shortly!


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