Gear and Parts detail

I’ve been meaning to lay out everything we’ve brought so hopefully future adventurers can find some guidance. I am mildly OCD with where things live:

Personal Items:

What was hardest for me to figure out, and what I thought was very important, was how many pairs of underwear to bring, and what bloody brand! Ladies of a certain caliber cannot have synthetic material all up in their business for hours on end, but one still needs quick dry capabilities to remain hygienic. What a conundrum. The best I’ve found so far, and I will update this when they’ve got a few thousand miles under their belt, are the Under Armour UA Pure Stretch Hipster. They stay put even though they look like they might not. They are thin, synthetic material that dries fairly quickly and wicks moisture, BUT they have a cotton strip in the important bit (there is a word for this piece of fabric but I think it sounds gross and don’t like using it so I will continue to say “strip”). And they’re from a brand I trust as being moderately well made, so hopefully they’ll stand up to the abuse they are about to receive. I’ve got three other pairs that I’m weeding out and will probably order another couple of the Under Armour as we get going.

I also brought four tank tops, three with built in bras (Ex Officio, Icebreaker, Yummie and Nike).
Two sports bras and one non sports bra that could be worn as a bathing suit top as well from Yummie.
Two knee high pairs of Smartwool socks, one crew height Icebreaker thin, every day pair, and two pairs of ankle high Smartwool socks for running and other activities.
Two long sleeve shirts, one heavy Smartwool with hood, and one silk weight Patagonia merino wool.
One Patagonia R2 mid layer.
One Patagonia Quandary hiking skirt.
One pair of pants that zip into capris, a feature that I will probably never use. The REI brand was the only pair I could find that weren’t the size of my 1995 JNCO Jeans. Apparently if they’re bigger and baggier then air flows better, but if I’m hot then I’ll wear my skirt rather than look like I should be the next Kriss Kross.
One pair of sneakers (Salomon Speed Cross 3s) and one pair of flippy floppies (Olukai).

Now that the important stuff is covered, I’ll get on with everything else we brought.

Chris’ clothes, sneakers, and flippies.
Bug Spray: Deet 100% spray and Ultrathon Lotion (two bottles each).
Sunscreen: Neutrogena 45 SPF (two bottles).
Games: one we haven’t figured out yet from Misao, waterproof cards from Harriet, knot tying book with string because I like it.

Toiletries: We are sharing one electronic tooth brush with replaceable heads. Same with razor. I’m bringing my whole bottle of fancy conditioner. We’ve got a 4oz Nalgene bottle of Dr Bronner’s for dishes and bodies. And I’ve got a 4oz Nalgene bottle of coconut oil for moisturizing. Chris has a bunch of other products in bottles and I don’t know what they are.

Camp Gear:

One REI Half Dome Tent. We owned this already and if we were going to buy a new one we would buy one that packs down smaller. This one is quite long.
Two REI AirRail sleeping pads.
Two down sleeping bags with waterproof dry bag stuff sacks.
Two Sea to Summit tiny tiny pillows.

One Snow Peak Titanium cook set (two pots with lids/pans)
One MSR Backpacking Stove.

Three bombers (white gas for the stove, petrol for the bikes).
An MSR Reactor Stove System with French Press.

Why two stoves you ask? Well the Reactor Stove makes coffee in about thirty seconds. Literally, it boils water in under a minute. And that is very important for Chris. Very. It is also important to me because Chris having coffee makes me like him more. The other stove is a nice emergency stove because it can run on any kind of fuel, including gasoline. Unlike the Reactor, which requires those little MSR canisters, as shown in picture.
A tiny coffee bean grinder for the same reason as the second stove.
A few Light My Fire Sporks, though we are contemplating upgrading these to Ti because eating off plastic is annoying, AND you can’t use them as a spatula or they melt.
One spatula. Actually, it’s a titanium long handled spoon. Good for stirring coffee and scrambling eggs. Not good for flipping fried ones. There’s a gap here in our set up.
Two plastic plates from MSR, two collapsible silicone bowls, and two titanium mugs.
Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink (collapsible tub for washing up). I haven’t used this yet, so hopefully it works well.
Three camp towels (one is tiny and for my hair).
A couple rags for cleaning up.


Enduristan Tool Roll: this thing is awesome. I will post pictures soon but until then you can imagine everything you’d want in a tool roll.
Two Motion Pro Titanium Tire Spoons with axle nuts on the other end.
Two Motion Pro bead breaker Tire Irons.
One 3/8″ driver.
Sockets: 8mm and 10mm-14mm.
Wrenches: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14mm Titanium wrenches from Motion Pro, plus a steel 14mm for hard stuff and a 7mm for spokes.
Allens: 3-6mm.
Torx: the ones we need for a KTM, I think 15, 20, 25, 45.
One screwdriver with a bunch of replaceable heads.

Bike Parts:

Stock shift lever.
Stock brake lever.
Stock clutch lever.
Stock fuel pump (we replaced ours with the CA Cycleworks ones already).
Water Pump repair kit.
A couple rags for cleaning up.
Zip lock bags for sticky stuff.

For other stuff we’ve already replaced and/or upgraded to get the bikes ready for the trip, see the Bikes page.

To put all this stuff nicely in our Enduristan bags, I got a thousand stuff sacks from REI. The REI brand ones are the cheapest and seem to be acceptable quality. They also make mesh bags which I like for lightly worn but not yet stinky clothes.


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