Day 2 endings 

I wanted to let everyone know that the Barnacle Bistro in Gold Beach, OR is totally tasty and has local beer. We ended up here around 5pm starving and made a happy discovery. They have the biggest tacos I’ve ever seen.  

 After a couple beers and a lot of food we had to call it a night though. Still five hours to Portland. 

Also, today I saw four egrets, a cormorant and what I think was either an Oak Titmouse or a Juniper Titmouse. I was super excited to see this guy because not only is he super cute, his name is hilarious. I had read about them and never imagined I’d get the pleasure of being able to say titmouse so many times in actual conversation. What a great day!  

 Anyway, if anyone knows anything about birds, their chests looked a bit yellow, but I can’t find any titmice fitting those descriptions. Would love to hear other opinions. 

In case you skipped all that bird talk, the plural for titmouse is titmeese. 

Thank you for reading my ramblings!


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