Day 1: finally!

After waiting for Deb Barton to get into SF so I could squeeze her, realizing that my fancy Brembo brake master cylinder had BLOWN a seal, and discovering all the little things we had to get done before leaving town possibly forever, we finally got going mid morning on Tuesday, August 4.   

Thanks so much to Katie Putman for hosting us and giving us a bunch of random helpful bits. Super stoked to actually be on the road. I still can’t believe that we are doing this. I’ve got a perma-grin slapped to my face inside my helmet which is mildly uncomfortable on my cheeksies. 

So we pulled over for a wee and a snack after 180 miles or so and here is Chris showing how excited he is. 

Promptly leaving the parking lot I noticed he wasn’t getting up to highway speed. After turning around I found him on the side of the road with a flat. Getting everything out of the way early I guess. 

Chris happens to be well versed in side of the highway tire changes and he busted it out in about thirty minutes. But by this point it was six o’clock, we were hungry (read thirsty), and we decided to call it a night. We found a state campground just past Leggett and they charge a whopping $40 for one night! It’s ten more dollars for a stack of wood, but we are in the woods, so why buy it? We are pros and burning half of a giant tree limb. 

And in case any of you are aware of my ornithology obsession, I saw a Great Blue Heron, white varietal (I know what you’re thinking, but that’s what it’s called), and a Great Egret! Exciting. 

We are having breakfast in Garberville now, then off to some giant Redwoods and up the Oregon coast. Should hit Portland tomorrow morning! Bacon’s here, gotta go eat. 

Oh, I forgot to add in our morning adventures. When super Katie did Chris’ wiring, she hooked everything up to shut off when the bike shuts off. My Britannia Composites headlight came with all the wiring done already and it turns out if you leave the heated grips on when you shut the bike off, they kill your battery. So we took off all the bags to get to the battery and then tested out our sweet Rescue Pak. Put all the bags back on and then I got on the bike, which was parked on an aggressive incline. I couldn’t lift it up off the kick stand while I was on it because the hill was so steep and I am out of shape and weak. So I got off and tried to get on a different way and as soon as I got my foot over the bike started falling away from me up the hill! I knew it was falling for so long but it was so far leaned over all I could do was let it down gently. Unfortunately, it stalled again before I could get the clutch in and the bike back up. Failed at bumping it and had to take everything off again to get it jumped! So we are getting everything out of the way right now! Also, the bacon is all gone 😟. 


6 thoughts on “Day 1: finally!

  1. I have a little going away present for you:

    I thought this would be an easier way for you to share your site with others.

    Additional Technical Mumbo Jumbo:

    If you want the domain to replace instead of just redirect read this and when you are ready I’ll make the changes to the DNS on my end. The advantage to this is that all your links will look like without the wordpress in there.

    It looks like it will cost you $13 a year even though the domain is already paid for. This is one of the reasons I left wordpress for blogger on my site That is kind of a bullshit charge.

    1. You are so nice! Thank you so much. That is soooo awesome. I have been way too busy to figure out how to do that and everyone has been poking at me for having a .wordpress site. Even my dad was like “Why is it soooo long?” and he barely knows what a blog is. You are amazing.

      We are on day 2 so far and it is such a relief to finally be on the road. Thanks so much again.

  2. Very sorry I didn’t see you before you took off. Even more sorry that I’m not riding with you guys. I rode a very dry and decrepit Hollister Hills today… just wasn’t the same without you.
    Loving the blog though. Keep it up and ride fast and safely and have so much fun and very little peculiar bike trouble.

    1. We are sorry too! Meant to come find you on Monday night and it didn’t happen. You’ll have to meet us somewhere instead. Thanks!

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