Building the Bikes: the end!

Thursday was a mad rush getting the 2010 together. Chris installed the tanks successfully, got everything in the rear back together, and then went on to the headlight. We got a sweet front windscreen/dash/headlight combo set up from Britannia Composites. It came with two USB ports and two extra wires already set up, so it was very easy to attach the Powerlet ports and now it’s all set to go. Also, the windscreen slides up and down for more or less protection depending on riding conditions. Very cool.

A whole bunch more work getting it all plugged in and we are looking good. End of story: Well done Britannia Composites for making a great product.

We then spent Friday packing up the rest of our house, and shoving all our stuff into our saddle bags. Signed the papers Saturday morning, left our apartment forever, shoved everything into the storage unit and then it was finally time to start drinking! This is Chris trying to get out after putting in the last few bits.

Also, I’m a terrible photographer and when Chris starts taking pics, the blog will look a lot better.

Now we have one more day in SF to just chill and then we will be driving away Monday morning!

Hooray, freedom!


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