Building the Bikes: Stage 3

At the end of tonight it was one bike down and one bike with a heckuva lot to do.

The 2009 is ready to go. As seen below, it has the Rally Raid tanks and fairing kit, all the wiring, plugs, bolts, etc. Just needs bags thrown on!

The 2010 is another story.
 When getting ready to install the tanks, I had to drain the fuel in the stock tank. There must be a more efficient way to do this. And preferably one that doesn’t leave you covered in gasoline.

Chris got busy Wednesday morning putting things together while I did some very important REI shopping. One of the next steps to get done was cutting and welding the kickstands. Because we both got our Super Plush Suspension lowered, our kickstands were too long. The best way to deal with this, short of buying an 690 SMC kickstand, is chopping off a chunk on the end and re-welding a foot on the bottom. And lucky for us, Chris is a great welder. Well I think he’s a great welder. And you can tell he is because his discount welding mask has sweet skulls all over it.

IMG_1587 IMG_1590

Regarding lowering, the 690 is tall. Really tall. In 2009 and 2010 the travel is 275mm, that’s 25mm taller than the 2008! At stock height I can’t even touch the ground when the bike is on the kickstand. So I had mine lowered 35mm and Chris lowered his 25mm. At this height, my 30″ inseam and 5’6″ height gets me with the toes of one foot on the ground. Chris is 5’11” and is comfortable with the 25mm lower. All excellent work done by Super Plush Suspension by lowering both the forks and the shock evenly to maintain intended geometry.

Hopefully only one more stage of finishing up the bikes! And in the meantime, shopping for Zoe!


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