Building the bikes: Stage 2

A few weeks down the road and Chris’ 2009 is about 90% done. With help from the fantastic Katie Putman we got the wiring pretty much done today. Check out her soldering skills!


I also successfully installed some Super Plush suspenders, handlebars, Scott’s mount, Rally Raid countershaft protector, Hammerhead shifter and some other bits and bobs. I stopped short of installing the Motion Pro Rev2 Quick Turn Throttle, and we need to figure out where the Delorme inReach is going to go. That’s our emergency red button which will send emergency help to us wherever we are in the world. Combined with MedjetAssist we will be on a helicopter with our bikes should anything happen warranting such action. Hopefully we’ll never need either of them. The inReach also doubles as a GPS tracker, so you all can see where we are. After all the controls are in I still have to install my headlight and front fairing, as well as the gas tanks.

We haven’t touched my delicate rear end yet because there’s a lot to do there and it requires some planning. There’s some bolts that need replacing before we reinstall the shock, and it will be easier to do all the fuel rerouting required for the Rally Raid EVO1 tanks without the shock and rear wheel installed. Then the tail light needs to be replaced with the Euro LED tail light, some low profile blinkers and after all that, the super sweet billet KTM Twins gas cap.

Here’s where I ran out of steam today:

IMG_1580Most importantly, I got the Super Plush Suspension stickers on!



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