Building the bikes: Stage 1

We started with two stock 690s and have been slowly getting them ready for the trip.

Here’s the 2010:

And the 2009:


Chris began working on his ’09, mostly because we didn’t acquire the 2010 until early July and the first order of business was pulling the suspension and taking it over to Super Plush Suspension so that I can touch the ground. So Chris put on the Rally Raid Evo1 Tanks, HDB bars, mirrors, a Scott’s damper and the coolest ever KTM Twins custom dash with a built in USB port and a Powerlit port. Here’s a shot of our garage in the midst of all this. The 2009 is in the back and the 2010 is on the left, and the 2008 690 that we decided not to take on the ride is on the right. At this point we were raising the ’08 suspension and lowering the ’10, and swapping over all the bits we wanted to keep, so they both look pretty naked.



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