Farewell San Francisco

This is the start of Chris and Zoe’s 690 Adventure. Keep up with our travels, our mishaps and our exciting adventures here.

The Plan:

We’ll be leaving San Francisco August 1st on two KTM 690 Enduros and heading north to Alaska. We’ll go up to the northern most town, Dead Horse, and then head back down towards Mexico. After a stop in LA, we will take the Baja peninsula down to La Paz and ferry over to the mainland and continue south all the way to Patagonia. From Dead Horse, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina is as close as we can get to going from the northern most tip to the southern most tip, hence the blog name.

That’s all we’ve got so far, so check in to see where we are when we get there. But first, come see us off at our Farewell San Francisco Barbecue on Sunday, July 26th at our home for not much longer:

Sunday, July 26th
866 30th Ave
Noon – ?


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